Communication Tool Attributes for Work Compliance

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Even the most carefully selected communication channel will need more than the current regulatory environment to pass muster. This is the reason why many business firms spend money on a recording system that ensures the following:

  • compliance with communication
  • able to capture voice calls,
  • record text messages and multimedia items, and 
  • for the duration of the retention term, keep all of the chats on instant messengers.


Although the majority of communication platforms offer crucial backup assistance, there is always a chance that employees can alter or remove the content that they have.

In light of this, an organization requires a real-time capture, retention, and maintenance system that may act as a trustworthy and indisputable source of truth in the event of internal investigations, regulator-mandated employee communication turnover, or e-discovery like that of WeChat or WhatsApp call monitoring.

Here are two things companies can consider in looking for the attributes of a good communication tool for work compliance:

Customizable with integration support

Every company has different needs when it comes to communication platforms. Apps are beginning to give companies the option to integrate many features to offer a seamless employee/customer experience. Particularly with WeChat and WhatsApp, users may offer their clients financial WhatsApp compliance through an e-commerce experience wherein they can add products to their carts, pay for them, obtain AI customer service, and even receive real-time updates about their shipment or payment confirmation.

Document repository

Sent via communication platforms, important papers like invoices, updated HR policies, company communication policies, etc., could easily be lost in other discussions. Thus, just as Facebook Workplace offers a Knowledge Library for teams to work together on and exchange shared papers, your preferred communication platform must provide a spot where documents can be easily accessible and shared without becoming cluttered.

Because the discussions are preserved with pertinent metadata, such as the message’s time and date, archives that have these characteristics may also be easily searchable. Crucially, you can set up automated keyword flagging so that when an employee uses a keyword, the compliance team or management is notified.

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