Social Networking Strategy and Branding: Using Available Sources to produce a Brand

In Texas senior high school football, there’s a classic saying—–“You need to Dance using the Girl You Include”. This means that you simply leverage the sources you have. Everybody has sources. The size of social networking enables people of limited way to become pre-eminent brands. I have been observing a brandname in music that’s developing a brand by leveraging the various tools that social networking has provided her. Within an old media age, this brand might have absolutely no way to compete. In New Media, this brand has become a really significant brand.

I’ve been observing this brand’s album strategy. In occasions past, albums were a vital a part of a brand’s success. A painter needed to keep developing effective albums to produce and keep their brand. Within our new media age, effective albums aren’t a game title-changer in developing a effective brand.

An album is really a major investment for any music company. If the album is released also it fails, this creates major trouble for a brandname and it is company. Due to the investment involved, a brandname cannot come with an album failure and turn into a marketable brand. Last December a really well-known and effective brand released an album that offered poorly. This brand has become is risk to be came by her label.

For this reason it’s interesting to look at K and her album strategy. Lately, several well-known brands have released albums. The marketplace has become clogged. In occasions past, this could have produced a tragedy for K. K is repositioning her brand within the R & B space. In occasions past, a effective album and tour will be a necessity in developing a effective brand. Inside a social networking age K could be creative, selective, and versatile. She can produce a strong brand by herself terms.

Rather of the entire album, K has made the decision to produce single songs through particular hosting sites, including her very own website and her very own Facebook Page, and stores that burn single CDs for a small fee. Developing a brand by doing this, K presently has many touch points on her music. Inside a study made by McKinsey, it had been learned that a contemporary brand is produced through multiple touch points. These multiple touch points allow K to produce friendships together with her customers.