Always Only Home Office? Disadvantages!

Making money from home – a dream. All you have to do is think about it to see the many advantages: setting up a home office is fast. Like most other freelancers, you will not need more than a computer and a table to work – of course, a chair will not hurt. If you work from home, you not only save the often high cost of an externally rented office but also If you’re a full-time freelancer like me, you’ll be able to deduct the cost of your home office indefinitely from the tax.

In addition to the cost savings you enjoy as a freelancer an enormous amount of flexibility: You can work when you want, have no annoying work path, you do not have to be annoyed about wasting your time in a traffic jam. Does everything sound great? It is! Nevertheless, after a while, you are confronted with challenges in the home office that you may not have considered at the beginning.

The Home Office Has Unfortunately Also Disadvantages

Enough raving! Even the home office has disadvantages. The romantic notion of home office jobs that can be done relaxed and effortlessly from home desk is not always true. I have compiled a list of problems that make it difficult for me to work at home from time to time, and this isn’t just to increase facebook likes (เพิ่มยอดไลค์, which is the term in Thai) of this article. Surely you find yourself in one or the other point again:

The Private Life Suffers

 If you work from home, the line between home and work can quickly blur without you realizing it. You are constantly available to the family in the next room and unconsciously jump back and forth between work and private life. This can make you spend more time on tasks than you need because you divide your attention.

High Flexibility Can Also Overwhelm.

Flexibility is great, no question. But it can also tempt you to postpone important tasks. The blog article must be written and the emails must be answered? Oh, I can do that later and still drink a tea sounds familiar? Such thoughts can quickly become a habit and hinder your work. And everyone knows how hard it is to get rid of bad habits once they’ve gotten in especially when you’re offering Thai to Chinese translation service (รับแปลภาษาไทยเป็นจีน which is the term in Thai).

Working From Home Holds Many Distractions

In the home office, the concentration goes fast. The TV and bookshelf are in the immediate vicinity, the couch invites to cuddle and sometimes the idea of doing the spring cleaning is more tempting than being focused. Discipline in the home office is important, but not always easy to implement.

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