How Does The International Mailing System Work?

Most times, when we send a mail or a package overseas, we are only concerned with our package arriving at the scheduled time and in good condition. Nevertheless, there are lots of processes to pass before our package reaches where it is going. In this article, we will expose the various process the mailing company engage to enable you to send postage overseas (ส่ง ไปรษณีย์ ไป ต่าง ประเทศ, which is the term in Thai)

International Mailing Processes

  • Processing of domestic mail

The processing of domestic mail is almost the same as that of international mail.  There is a process of collection, sorting, dispatching and delivery to the respective location. These are the steps for handling your letter or package goes through.

  • International mail dispatch

After the collection and sorting process, the mails and packages are sent to the available international service centre to be put on an aeroplane. The post office has the task of choosing the right flight for your mail or parcel. In this process, the main goal/aim is to select the best route to deliver your mail in time.

  • Frequency

This narrates how many times an air dispatch goes to a particular country in a week. In some cases, an air dispatch can go for up to 5 days weekly until it meets an average volume of 5kg for letters, cards and small packages

  • Priority

In this process, items with higher priority are first loaded before items of lower priority. In a case where the aeroplane needs to reduce weight, smaller priority items are first removed.

  • Scheduling and selection of flights

In scheduling flights for mail shipments, regular flights are used more depending on how fast they can meet schedule. There is a specific amount of space booked for postal service on each routine trip.