How to give off the right first impression to clients

First impressions count in all walks of life, but they’re especially important when it comes to your clients. Whether they’re long term clients visiting for the first time, or someone you’re currently pitching to, the impression you make is crucial. 

Of course, you’ll work on your presentation and pitch, but you need to ensure your office space makes a great impression too. So, how can you make sure your office gives the best first impression to your clients? 

Let’s find out! 

Give your office a facelift 

The first thing your clients will notice is the exterior of your office. Even if you aren’t present in the entire building, you need to ensure the exterior is as well presented as possible. Hiring a facilities management company can help with this – they will ensure everything is as clean and tidy as possible. 

If you need to speak to the owner of the building, mention how important this is for your business, as well as the others in the building. 

Invest in your reception

Once your clients arrive at your building, they will make their way to your reception. This acts as the face of your business and should be presented accordingly. Make your reception staff greet everyone who arrives with warmth, but if you let them know when clients are coming in they can be at their best. 

Having comfortable chairs to sit in and something to read while they wait is a nice touch. Try to avoid creating the feel of a dentist though! 

Keep your Office clean

This may seem like a given, but many businesses can overlook just how important this is. Ensuring your office is cleaned regularly is a must, but when you plan on bringing clients in you’ll no doubt be taking them to certain spaces. Speak to your cleaning team and ask them to give these spaces an extra touch up before your clients arrive. 

If you have hired a facilities management company, they will be able to provide these services for you with ease. 

Have a Signature Meeting Space

One way to always deliver a great impression is to have a designated client space. This could be a certain meeting room or another area within your building that is set aside for your clients. You can fill this space with promotional material, high-quality presentation equipment, and other items that will allow you to pitch at your best!  

Keep Office in working Order

Nothing paints a poor picture of your business quite like faulty things in your office. After all, if you can’t maintain your own space – how can be trusted to meet your client’s needs? 

This comes down to smaller items, such as lighting fixtures, power outlets, and ensuring that all furniture is in good condition. This presents the image that you not only care about your own office but your clients too. 

Staying on top of this can be tricky, so getting the help of a facilities management company can help to keep your office in tip-top shape. 

Handle the Smaller Details

Small details make a big impact on your clients. Adding small touches like fresh flowers, or making use of air fresheners go a long way to making a great impression on your clients. 

Final Thoughts

Maintaining your office space is essential to making a great impression on your clients. Handling this task on your own isn’t easy though, so why not take advantage of the services of a London facilities management company?