5 Top Questions to ask before opening the savings account online

How to open a bank account

Do you want to go with the savings bank account? Savings accounts are the simplest and the most widely availed services that are provided by the bank. These banking accounts have come under the biggest financial inclusion scheme, where people can grow their money by earning interest. 

In this way, a savings account is a good way of investment. This is the reason why most people like to open their savings accounts. It is also true that there are some limitations imposed on the savings account by a few banks only. 

So, it is important to ask some questions from the bank before opening a savings account. If you also want to know about such a question, so that you avail yourself of the maximum facilities and features, then read the facts below. 

What options in a savings account are available

There is a wide range of options in savings account provided by the banks, in which every saving account option have its exclusive features. 

Regular savings account come with the basic features only, and if the account holder requires the advanced features, they have to pay for them. So it is suggested to check all the options before online open a savings account. 

What are the minimum balance requirements for a savings account?

Before opening the savings account, you have to check whether your account is opened at the zero balance or the minimum amount of money maintained in the savings account. 

The banks impose a fine on the account if the deposited money in the savings account falls below the minimum monthly requirements. 

What is the interest rate provided by the bank?

Indian banks provide interest at the minimum rate of 3.5% on savings accounts. Many banks provide 7% interest on savings accounts. If you want to earn high interest on your savings account, you should choose the bank around the 7% interest rates on savings accounts. 

Does the bank provide the lockers with a savings account?

Many banks provide lockers to the savings account holder at nominal fees. If you want to keep your documents and valuable thing safe, then it is suggested to opt for the savings account that provides the lockers at a low or no fee.

How easy will it be to avail of the credit?

Many banks provide loans at low-interest rates to those people who already have a relationship with the bank. If you think that you need to take a loan from a bank in the future, you have to look for banks that provide loans at lower interest rates to their existing customers. 


This article consists of the top questions based on the savings account. If you are not having too much information on your savings account, but want to open your savings account, then you should ask the above questions from banks. 

In this way, you will get better options for your financial investments.