History of Cryptocurrencies Trading Algorithms

Statistics have it that ninety-five percent of cryptocurrency traders lose money daily. This is because most of them do not have enough information about how the market works. Thus, profitable traders prefer to use a cryptocurrency trading algorithm. As a trader who wants to increase his or her profits and reduce their losses, it is important to know about cryptocurrency trading algorithms. This article will explain to you what a cryptocurrency trading algorithm is and why it is beneficial to the cryptocurrency trader. So, keep reading.

What is a Cryptocurrency Trading Algorithm?

A crypto trading algorithm is a strategy that comes with rules that guide the crypto trader’s trades. The cryptocurrency trader watches the algorithms to help him or she decide when to buy or sell their coins. This way, the trader can have more profits while reducing the risk of losses.

Usually, a cryptocurrency trading algorithm works with data that has existed before and also on the conditions of different markets. The algorithm will then show why it is perfect for giving profits if the trader tests it on the present market. After that, there are a set of rules created that trading robots will then make sure the traders follow as they trade. So, the algorithm helps the trader analyze the market and present the more profitable options to him.

Why Traders Use a Cryptocurrency Trading Algorithms

  • The Time Factor

To close off a trade that will bring profits, a cryptocurrency trader needs to spend time studying the market. Without dedicating enough time, a trader cannot know the right market data and the right time to trade. Unfortunately, not every trader has the time to spend as they may be busy with other activities during the day or sleeping at night. Thus, a cryptocurrency trading algorithm will help them analyze the market while they are away.

  • Access to Bulky Data

The cryptocurrency market has more than seven thousand (7,000) different cryptocurrencies. For a cryptocurrency trader to trade profitably, he or she must first understand the coins they are trading. What type of coins are they? Will they guarantee profits or are they coins that will lose out in the market? How many people are buying these coins?

These and more questions are what the cryptocurrency trader needs to answer. However, it can be impossible for a single cryptocurrency trader to have the answers for thousands of coins. This is where a cryptocurrency trading algorithm comes in: it will help to study all these coins for the cryptocurrency trader.

  • Continuous Learning

In cryptocurrency trading, learning is continuous as no one can predict the market one hundred percent (100%). Even seasoned traders, still need to give more time daily or weekly to assess the market. Spending two or three hours weekly is not enough time to learn about trading. A cryptocurrency trading algorithm, on the other hand, can learn about new changes because it can access bulky data at once. Thus, they automate the process for the cryptocurrency trader.


The right crypto trading algorithm will help you save time, energy and money in the long run. You can optimize every trade and trade on the go.