How to ace and play rummy games using your iOS phone?

Have you been playing rummy by logging in to your profile on the computer lately? But what about the times when you are traveling and you feel like playing the game? Having the rummy application on your phone offers you the freedom of playing the game anywhere and anytime. Not just in the android devices, but you can get the game also in your ios phone now to play the game at your convenience. 

Getting the application on your ios phone is also quite easy and can be done with minutes with the help of a few simple steps. 

Playing rummy games using ios phone

There are two ways how you can play rummy games using your ios phones. 

  • Playing in the browser: 

The first one is by opening the rummy site in your browser and log in to your profile and start playing. If you do not wish to compromise upon the space of your phone, this can be the best way to play the game. Now many of the sites come up with the option of web apps that means you can comfortably open up the site in your small screen of the phone and can even play the game there with ease. 

  • Installing the app:

The second most convenient option is to get the application installed in your ios phone to play the game. If you wish to install the application, here are some of the steps that you can follow to get it done instantly. 

  • Visit the rummy site in your browser first and you will come across the option of playing online and getting the application. 
  • Go for the application and download it. 
  • Install the downloaded game on your phone and start the registration process. 
  • After you have installed it and have registered in it, you do not have to log in to it each time when you wish to play. 

Minimum Technical Specifications that you should know

Installing the application in iOS phone is easy. But there are certain minimum technical specifications that should be taken care of. 

  • The ios phone should have an operating system that is a minimum of 10.0 so that the application can perform properly.
  • The device should have a processor speed that is a minimum of 1200 Mhz so that you can play in the application without much interruptions. 
  • The screen resolution of the device should be a minimum of 1280×1024 in order to enjoy stunning visuals.
  • Your device should also have a RAM space of minimum 1GB so that you can experience a great playtime.  


With the introduction of online rummy, a large number of people are happily able to play their favorite games at their own time and place. If you are an ios phone owner, you can also play the game easily. The above sections can answer very well about how to play rummy on your ios phone. Just follow the instructions and you will be able to carry your favorite rummy game on your phone anywhere you are going.