Make Facebook Your Place for Selling Products

Dropshipping has become one of the most popular ways of selling items. Due to no requirement of inventory or huge investment, dropshipping has opened ways to live the passion and earn at the same time. Social media platform like Facebook is a popular as well as successful platform for business. But Facebook has more to explore than one might know. Especially the new ones might get caught in the glimmer of the basic. There is much to explore on the deeper level which can lead your business to success. Often new buyers just start using Facebook shop in the place of Facebook Marketplace without really understanding the difference between these two.

While Facebook shop is something which can be easily configured via Facebook page, Facebook Marketplace was launched in 2016 with the sole purpose of connecting buyers and sellers. This one is integrated with Messenger and two parties can seal a deal using it. These two platforms have some different things that one must know. Having a clear idea of this difference will finally help one to successfully run the business of the platform provided by the social media giant. Even, you can also use a facebook marketplace alternative like saleyee dropshipping for your business.

A Comprehensible comparison

Though there are, the difference it has with Facebook shop is not known by many. Facebook Marketplace is a platform where seller can list and advertise their products. Customers can find and see these products on this very platform. The same happens with Facebook Shop. It allows companies and sellers to list their products on the platform. The main difference here is selling these products. Facebook Marketplace is one such platform that does not allow selling as there is no option for transaction. One can only finalize a deal through Messenger. But Facebook shop instantly leads one to payment options like e-commerce platform or external website.