Supplier Audit Reports with Details of various tests conducted and the Results

An in-depth appraisal of the business background of a present or prospective supplier or manufacturer is very important to ensure that there will be no quality issues or shipping issues once regular procurement of products or materials commences. Among the various audits that are conducted with the help of professional audit companies, manufacturer or supplier audit is quite essential to avoid quality issues and supply chain issues. The auditing company that offers manufacturer/supplier audit services will thoroughly check the background of the supplier, gather information of the shareholders, collect details of their foreign investments and find out all details pertaining to the Legal Representative of the supplier company. The professional audit company never fails to conduct extensive business background checks during the auditing process of a prospective supplier of their client. The auditing company will gather contact information of the supplier such as phone numbers, official address and Email address.

Contents of Supplier Audit Report

The auditing company will also record the official name of the manufacturer, registration number and assigned credit code. They will also gather information pertaining to the legal representative of the supplier company, type of the industry and their operation status and financial status. The Supplier page of the audit report must invariably provide all such information with perfection. The audit report about the supplier should also include number of employees in the supplier company, information such as whether the supplier company Online Store and whether that company has all information pertaining to their investments such as purchase of Equity of other companies. The auditing company must be accepting payments from their clients through Pay Pal or Credit Cards or Bank Transfer. When required, the auditing company will assist their clients to communicate with their supplier when there are quality issues. The professional auditing company will follow tight AQL standards to ensure that minor and major quality issues are brought to notice and rectified.

Laboratory Audit

In case of Laboratory audit, the auditing company will provide detailed report of the various tests conducted by them to check the efficiency of the lab and the equipments. The Supplier page of the audit report will contain the results of the various lab tests conducted by the auditors such as Ash Content Brittleness test, Specific Gravity test, Melting Point test, Water Absorption & Transmission test, Deformation due to load test, Hardness test and Impact, Tensile and Shear Strength test. Depending on the type of industry of the manufacturer, the auditors will conduct a range of special tests as part of their Laboratory testing. In case the supplier is producing Electronic appliances, the auditors will conduct ROHS test, Electric component testing, EMF testing, Functional testing, Voltage Analysis, Hertz Analysis and UL/CE compliance testing.

More Laboratory Tests

When the client requires in-depth appraisal of a supplier who will be supplying textiles, garments or footwear, the auditors will carry out a wide range of lab tests that will include Shrinkage test, Color Fastness test, Flammability test, Toxicity test, Weight Compliance test, Child Safety test and Construction Quality test. Detailed reports of all the lab tests carried out by them will be provide in the audit report. The auditing company also undertakes Eco-Environmental Testing and will conduct a range of tests that will include Allergic Disperse Dyes, Organotin test, Chromium and Heavy Metal testing, Azo Dyes testing, Formaldehyde testing, PCP testing and Presence of Ozone Depleting substances testing.