A Shipping Guide to China

China is one of the fastest-growing economies of the world, no wonder; a good number of people from all over the world are shipping loads of goods to this country for either business or personal reasons.

Also, the expat community of China is now 200,000 strong and call the place their home which also accounts as a good reason for the increased shipments to China.

Through this article, we will try to address some of the major concerns, which people face when they send goods to China (ส่งของไปจีน, which is the term in Thai). So, without wasting any time further, let’s get started.

Regarding Customs Clearance & Paperwork

Just like everywhere else, goods being shipped to China also need to undergo mandatory customs check- All the goods that pass through the check are entitled to pay duty and taxes, besides submitting the necessary paperwork.

  • All the customs related charges are to be paid at the recipient’s end and once the package reaches the destination, customs official gets in touch with the receiver.
  • To clear your parcel through the customs, the invoice is mandatory- It carries the details like contents of the package, dimensions, value of the item, country of origin along with the valid reason for shipping- You need to be prepared with this paperwork
  • Duties and taxes put together, the amount to be paid comes around 20 % – 30 % of the value of the article.
  • Your package is exempt of any customs fee or taxes if the item value is less than 500 Yuan.
  • All the articles which are valued more than 1000 Yuan would need to undergo a formal customs clearance which is a bit stringent than the regular one.
  • You’ll need to put tariff code if you send goods to foreign countries with Thai post (ส่งของไปต่างประเทศไปรษณีย์ไทย, term in Thai), especially to China.

Restricted or Prohibited articles in China

The list of restricted and prohibited items is not static and hence, to access the latest, you must refer to their official customs page before you ship, just to end up on the safer side.

Packaging Tips

  • While sending a fragile article, pack it carefully inside a double-corrugated outer packaging.
  • For internal protection, do not forget to bubble wrap the item to ensure maximum protection during the transit.

Keep all the above pointers in mind and you should be good to ship the different articles in China without much of a hassle.