Situations a Recorder comes Handy

A recorder [พนักงานคีย์ข้อมูล, which is the term in Thai] allows you to capture sound, and convert it into an audio file that can be transferred to another gadget. 

They vary in models, quality, size, storage space, editing capabilities, battery life and many other features.

Some of the situations you may need a recorder are illustrated in this article


Recording information in work briefing [บรีฟงาน, which is the term in Thai] meetings is vital for any professional for both service delivery and efficient workflow. With all the information covered in productive meetings including figures, smart solutions, data on slides, it’s easy for any participant to these essential details.

Recording exactly what was said facilitates listening and active participation.  These records can quickly be transcribed for future reference; this makes conversations accessible to employees for consulting relevant details.


It can be challenging to jot down everything someone says, especially if you interview a fast talker. It is easy to miss out key snippets; also, it is nearly impossible to get word-for-word quotes if you’re relying on notebook and a pen alone.

Using a voice recorder allows you to be more present and observe things such as emotion.

 Foreign Language Learning

With a voice recorder, you can polish up on everyday vocabulary. You get to playback recordings; take note of pronunciation, transitions between sentences, and tone.  With a language-speaking friend or acquaintance, translation is more accessible. Downloading streaming foreign films with subtitles and language-learning apps are also excellent practices. 


Studies suggest that within 24 hours, learners are most likely to forget about 70 percent of new information. And within a week, 90 percent of that information could be lost. You can’t afford to forget that much of the content covered in an exam revision lecture.

Recording lectures allows you to jot down key points and arising questions. Playing back the audio during exam prep lets you double-check nothing is missing.