Incorporating a Company in Malaysia: What You Must Know?

Malaysia is very popular for its easy business process and friendly environment. Malaysia’s advantageous location, stability, cost-effective standard of living, and abundance of business investment prospects have enhanced the desire for the business establishment there.When choosing the name for your company, below are a few things that you must take care of.

  • Is neither offensive nor blasphemous.
  • Not like any other company.
  • Does not imply affiliations with operations governed by other laws, such as those governing “insurance,” “estate agents,” and “takaful,” unless formal consent from the appropriate agency is acquired.

To incorporate company in¬†Malaysia, it may take around 2 to 5 working days. For the company’s name approval, it may take around one day. This procedure verifies that your business name is legal and complies with SSM guidelines. SSM does not allow some words, like “State,” “Royal,” “Chamber of Commerce,” and others.

It is not mandatory that the business address and registered address are the same. Ideally, your business address is where you run your business operations.If you do not have a physical shop or office, there is no need for a business address.

The 2nd step to incorporating a company is incorporation documents approval.For this, it may take several days. SSM will conduct a thorough check to confirm that the shareholders and directors you have provided are real and that their contact information is accurate. You are now prepared to start your business after finishing this stage.

How to start a business? There are several things that you must take care of when starting a business. To run a business successfully you would require HR, accountants, and other staff. Companies like 3E Accounting Malaysia can help you in incorporating your business easily. This company is also known for its taxation, human resources, and accounting services. Visit their website to know about their services in detail.