Marketing Your Freelance Business, The Right Way 

Being a successful freelancer means that you will need to become an effective marketer on behalf of your skills. This requires you to determine the right marketing strategy for your business. 

Since most freelancers work remotely, they communicate with clients through online platforms. Hence, you must know how to communicate well with your clients so that they are confident in your professional abilities. 

As independent professional freelancers, you must embrace digital marketing to attract new clients. Here are some of the steps to help you out in the process. 

Building Professional Social Media Presence 

Whether a content marketer, graphic designer, or freelance writer, your online portfolio must appear across all social media platforms. Depending on your freelancer’s services, various social media sites will better help market your business. Such as, Instagram would be better for graphic designers to show their clients than LinkedIn. 

On these platforms, you will need to add your experience and use descriptions to add all kinds of information about your services. It also helps to use professional headshots as your profile picture to draw more attention to your professional behavior. 

Blogging to Enhance Business Brand 

Blogging can be tricky and time-consuming. Plus, it requires you to have an in-depth understanding of SEO practices to make quality content that can be reached out to potential clients on the internet. 

All you need to do is focus on making your content high quality and worth sharing. And blogging works as long as your posts are accessible and straightforward. Even something as simple as providing guest posts on an existing blog can significantly boost your virtual presence and brand awareness. Additionally, it can help you flesh out your professional portfolio if you do not have enough paid work or are just starting your career. 

There are also places where freelancers can join and offer services to global clients – a prime example being Bunny Studio, a highly acclaimed platform focusing on project fulfillment to provide end-to-end creative services to the top 4% of professionals all over the world. 

The global company is remotely based in San Francisco and delivers voiceovers, audio ads, video, writing, and design services in over100 languages. Moreover, the company has a database of over 13,000 pre-vetted professionals and a policy for a money-back guarantee with 24/7 support and turnaround times.  

Bunny Studio serves many clients – startup companies, government agencies, bloggers, marketers, universities, publishers, artists, and more. Their project system works by completing them through different methods such as Speedy, booking, and contests. 

Its Speedy patent technology gets clients with freelancers matched together based on the nature of the project brief. Then after a series of auditions, clients can book specific freelancers they want to work with. And when competent freelancers pass the quality control standards, they are brought into the platform as Bunny Pros. 

Hence, the entire process ensures the provision of creative services to clients through the platform in the most efficient way possible.