Is it possible to run a small business in a self storage unit

Keeping costs down when you run a small business is essential. You want to maximise your profit and avoid having any expenses that aren’t strictly necessary One key area where you might want to make some savings is in space and property. Some businesses don’t require any space at all, with the ability for the owner to run them from anywhere, as long as they have a computer. However, other businesses need space for their stock, equipment and for their employees to work. When you’re trying to save money on the space you use, you might consider how a self storage unit could help you. But can you run a business from a self storage unit?

Can You Work from a Storage Unit?

A self storage unit could seem like an attractive option if you need somewhere to run your business. However, you will find that most self storage facilities aren’t going to provide for your needs as a business owner in this manner. A self storage unit is not usually set up for the requirements that many businesses will have. For example, there won’t be power outlets or a strong internet connection. There is also a strong chance that the facility will not allow you to run your business entirely from your storage unit, although you can use it for business storage.

Using a Storage Unit for Your Inventory

Although you are usually not allowed to run your small business from a self storage unit, you can use self storage to help you run your business. A self storage unit is ideal for storing our inventory or perhaps some of your business equipment. Many business owners use a self storage unit to store and organise their stock. They can then collect the items they need when an order is placed, package everything up and send orders to their customers. The storage units in Staples Corner from Henfield Storage are ideal for storing any of your business equipment or inventory. You can clear up space in your office or save money compared to using a warehouse.

Benefits of Self Storage for Businesses

Using a self storage unit has a number of excellent benefits for small businesses. Self storage facilities offer excellent flexibility, which is perfect for a small business that is growing and needs scalable solutions. You can start with a small storage unit and move to a larger one when you need one, or rent another unit. Or if you need to downsize to save money, it’s easy to do that too. When you use a self storage unit, you can visit whenever you need to and gain access to your unit.

Self storage can be much easier to handle for a small business compared to hiring warehouse space or other storage solutions. It’s more affordable, and you can access your unit whenever you need to. Many facilities offer 24/7 access, and you can easily find one that’s in a convenient location for your needs.

While you can’t usually run a business entirely from a self storage unit, you can use self storage for your business storage needs.