Why you should focus on a sub-niche in 2019

Earning money through a blog has never been so easy and tough at the same time. Now every day billions of people use internet. They are active either on social media platforms or they are searching for something on search engines like Google or Bing.

Why making money through a blog is easier now?

Due to the large number of people accessing internet every day, it is easier to get more traffic. You can post ads at big social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter and you also get organic traffic if you rank higher on search engines.

Why making money through a blog is tougher now?

The reason is competition. A lot of websites, blogs and new companies are also emerging every day. It is hard to cope with the competition.

How you can outrun the competition?

If you keep focusing on a specific niche, it is highly possible that you will get lost in the competition. For instance, if you focus on a niche like ‘tips for work at home people’ you might struggle to get to the first page of Google as there would be already thousands of websites doing the same. On the other hand, if you include a sub-niche with the same niche you might eliminate most of the competition. For example, if you focus on ‘tips to increase productivity for work at home senior citizens’ you will face little to no competition in this.

Using long-tail keywords

When you opt for a sub-niche you are automatically using the long-tail keywords as you want to be more specific with details now. It would also help you in your seo ranking.

Using a sub-niche is quite important due to the constantly emerging competition. It will also help you in attracting dedicated and relevant traffic that would be loyal to you.